Art Supplies

We support artists through providing a range of high quality paints, pigments, papers and canvases no matter what stage they are at, from just tentatively starting, to top flight career artists. Although we can happily source budget materials similar to the Internet, in many cases, they are a false economy. We can show you how to make high quality, pigment rich colours, and yet still save money.

Range of Colours

Our key supplier, Wallace Seymour is a local artisan paint manufacture based in the Yorkshire Dales with a global reputation. The owners are fellow artists, frustrated by many poor quality commercial offerings they have chosen to make their paints to the highest standards using proven superior bindings. Combined with a wide range of contemporary synthetic colours, regional colours and revived historic colour recipes. Currently the range is close to 300 different colours, mainly single pigments, meaning they are easier to mix.
Will soon be introducing a range of ochres based on the local geology in and around the Eden Valley.

Nine pigments ground from rocks in the Eden Valley, CumbriaOver the last couple of weeks we've been exploring the Eden valley and the surrounding fells and found 9 different coloured rocks that can be hand ground into distinctive colour pigments and added to Linseed Oil, Acrylic resin and Gum Arabic to turn them into usable colours.
We explored some worked out quarries and spoil heaps from dis-used mines. Sites include above the fell villages above Milburn and Knock.around the top end of the Eden Valley Helbeck, Hartley and Smardale near Kirby Stephen.
The colours are an amazing range from the intense red of Melmerby to the golden yellows at Helbeck and includes a more subtle range of pinks and greys to be found between Appleby and Milburn. Many of the older buildings around in the area have a range of colours from rose pink to shades of grey and our course of pigments reflect these subtle colours.
Art Materials
We stock and supply, oils, watercolours, acrylics including binders, mediums and varnishes. Drawing materials including pastels, pencils, dip pens, and fine liners. A range of synthetic and natural brushes. Canvases, fine papers, art journals and sketchbooks and even wood panels.


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